The Common Problems Data Centers Face


It’s not all rosy for clients using data centers to store their own data. While many of them are some of the most secure places in the world and have the best hardware available, many others face problems every day with their set ups, usually because of security and hardware issues. Here is some of the common problems data centers face.

They Often Lack Energy Efficiency

Data centers are getting better when it comes to implementing more energy efficient practices, but it’s still a problem among data centers as a whole. United States-based data centers account for almost 2% of the electricity used in the country, a number which needs to significantly drop in the near future to ensure greener activity.

Many Security Issues

It’s common for data centers to face security issues on a daily basis. All data centers have some sort of high-level security when it comes to network issues. However, not all data centers are able to prevent the inevitable from happening. It’s not just network hacks that are common either; armed security guards and 24/7 camera monitoring are used to prevent physical access, depending on the data the data center stores.

Hardware Failures

Data centers are huge these days so it’s no surprise they regularly encounter hardware issues and the like. Some hardware just isn’t good enough for the job it’s supposed to do, whereas other hardware simply gets outdated and needs to be replaced. Data centers often use raid repair software when it comes to hard drive issues, and many others have their own in-house technical workshop that can solve other issues.

Staff Management

As technology grows, so does the data that needs to be stored. This has led to many data centers growing faster than their initial business plans would have liked, and that has led to other problems such as poor staff management. The staff in a data center are important to the survival of any data center, both from a security and HR management perspective.

Technicians, security personnel, receptionists, and office staff all need to be managed in the correct way to ensure data center efficiency. Staff management skills are often lacking in the management sector and that often causes further problems when it comes to providing the best service for their clients.

Capacity Safety Gap Implementation

While all data centers have some sort of capacity safety gap in place, not all of them are sufficient. Capacity safety gap measures are in place so that downtime is at its minimum. However, some data centers don’t make it their number one priority when it comes to preventing downtime.

The above are just some of the common problems that occur within data center complexes on a daily basis. It’s obvious that energy consumption is a huge problem within the industry and is costing millions every year in wasted energy. Better practices are coming into play in recent years, but it seems energy efficiency is going to be a widespread problem for years to come.


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