The Essential Art of SEO Explained


Those 3 letters (SEO) represent search engine optimisation, which is the process of making a website more visible to major search engines, and without this, you are not going to be anywhere near the first five pages of a typical search. According to research almost 95% of consumers who source a product via a search engine, will buy from a site in the first ten results. This highlights the importance of being up there with the right key words, and for those who want to know more about what SEO involves, here is a brief overview of search engine optimisation.

Search Engine Algorithms

A search engine does more than try to return the pages that best match the input text, and by using complex algorithms, they hope to answer the underlying searcher’s question and provide the best return. There are other factors that will affect the search results, such as how many backlinks there are to a page, and maybe also social media likes can also play a part in the process.

The Importance of Key Words

Key words or phrases play an important role, yet you cannot simply create lines and lines of text, with the important keywords used. This is known as “keyword stuffing” and it will have a negative impact on search engine results. A good SEO Consultant would know the best key words to use and also, where they should be on the site. The frequency of use is also critical, and with the right dynamic content, your website will begin to be more visible to search engine enquiries.

Mobile Adjustments

There are slight differences when searching with a smartphone, and a good SEO consultant would immediately ask if your site is mobile friendly, and if it isn’t, that would be one of the first things to be done.

The Right Content

The content of your website will have a large bearing on search engine results, and for that reason, SEO will involve making some changes. It is often a good idea to create a blog page, and this can be full of informative articles that have specially placed keywords, and this might help for search engines to list your pages in a result. The number of pages and whether you have images and video can also affect search engine results, and a good SEO company would incorporate a number of strategies to improve the site’s visibility within major search engines.

Online Solutions

If you type in the key words for your products and search to see where your site is ranked, this is a quick and easy way to see how things are in reality, and if you are way down the list, there are online companies and freelancers who can quickly begin to change this, and the result will be more traffic to your site, which has to be good for business.

If you haven’t thought about SEO services, you might want to talk to an expert, and you may be surprised at just how much difference it can make to sales.


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