The evolution of website Designs – Trends that will define digital design industry in 2018


Website design, being a digital medium has been evolving faster than its forbearers (print media). Today, at a time when we are almost 1.8 decades into the new millennium, we have already seen some seriously crazy and complicated techniques being incorporated into the web design services.

Well, the most amazing aspect of digital design medium is the ability of designers to somehow cope with the increasing challenges over the years. Designers across the world have somehow managed to get used to the technical challenges and synergize their working patterns in accordance with the evolution of the industry. The capability to cope with intriguing challenges and daunting complexities and still manage to come up with a user-friendly, attractive, clean, innovative and affordable website designs adaptable to all devices is certainly a task well accomplished by designers around the world.

This year i-e 2017, we saw much advancement in web design techniques including the highly anticipated rise of mobile transaction over the desktop. As the New Year’s approaching, we can really comprehend even increased functionality in mobile platforms. So, here are some most anticipated website evolutions that we can expect to see in 2018:

  1. Vivid Colour schemes

Colour themes for website designs have been gradually progressing towards bold and vivid schemes. 2018 will certainly be the year where more lively, stand-out and bold color schemes will make their way to mainstream website designs. This year we have already seen many designers taking the bold leap ahead in terms of their approach to vivid color schemes; including the vibrant lively shades and supersaturation headers. In 2018, we can expect the continuation of bolder and vivid color schemes that stand-out.

A close friend of mine who has been working for some big website design companies in Auckland have been vocal about the use of strong color patterns. As per him, the technological leaps in screens and monitors have laid-out the platform for designers to take steps towards vibrant color schemes. Business owners also get motivated for such bright themed designs as it helps them stand-out from the competitors.

  1. Particle Backgrounds

Ok, a big concern for most web designers and business owners alike was the balance between graphics and performance of the site. Heavy graphics and intriguing designs cost websites its performance; which isn’t exactly what they like.

The particle background is seen as the ultimate balancer when it comes to hefty graphic designs and elevated performance. Particle animation uses JavaScript (lightweight) to regulate the animation movement in the background all too naturally. The best part, these don’t take much memory to slow down the performance of websites.

  1. Mobile Platforms

Ok, the increase of mobile platforms is one aspect that has persisted for some time now. Way back when someone predicted the increase of mobile platforms over desktops it was seen all too ambitious to be worth considering. Well, today, the mobile technology has finally surpassed the desktop use for the good.

Designers worldwide have been adapting to this trend for a while now as they conceptualize new user-friendly designs to place everything at the right place for small screens. The technology has matured and we will see it getting more mature in the coming years.

  1. Illustrations

Custom illustrations are certainly an added focal points for websites to engage users with an element of fun. Experienced graphic designers and artists are able to pull-off customized illustrations that fit the brand’s tone and appeal to potential customers.

2018 is definitely going to see much hype in custom illustrations, where serious technological businesses will use aided graphics to incorporate fun and energy to their products or services, just as a measure to attract a larger customer base.

Final Words:

Well, there is no one pattern that can be predicted as an evolution of digital design. This is one wild industry with its own set of rules. However, something that we can predict is the use of technology for better and bolder designs. Over the years, the industry has stand-out against all odds and it will continue to do so in future.


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