The Main Features of a Well-designed Website

Well-designed Website

The design of your website speaks volumes about your company and the work that you do. Whether you are running an online store or simply need a website for your company, you will need to focus on the design of the website. After all, the first thing that people will notice when they log on to your page is its layout. If your website is complicated to navigate and makes it difficult for visitors to move from one page to another, it won’t be long before visitors leave your website. If you are wondering why most visitors leave your website after a few seconds, it is probably because the design of the website needs some work. Here are some main features that you should look for in a well-designed website.


One of the most important things that many webmasters overlook when designing their website is simplicity. Rather than making your web design overly complicated and difficult for people to navigate, you need to focus on making it as simple as possible. Online visitors generally prefer using websites that make use of keyboard shortcuts and simple mouse gestures to allow movement. When you hire a company for web design in Liverpool, you should first ask them to show you their past work. If a company designs overly complicated websites, you should avoid working with them. Your money will be better spent using a company that knows your requirements and can fulfil them for the lowest possible price.

Colour Combination

The design of your website is greatly influenced by the colours that you use on the page. Most major websites today use a colour combination that relates to the colours of their company’s logo. Or, if you don’t want to use the same colours as the logo of your company, you should stick with the time-tested white background. White is easy on the eyes, and doesn’t come across too sharply either. If you choose sharper colours for the design of your website, it will stick out more on brighter monitors. This means that visitors may try to close the page as quickly as possible to avoid straining their eyes.


Try not to clutter your website by putting information on every open space that you see. Instead, it is highly important that you leave as much space empty as you can. Too much information on limited screen real estate will become too much for the average visitor to absorb. There’s no need to add side boxes that pop in from an angle either. Make sure that you keep your website as spacious as possible. Using space effectively is important if you want to retain your online visitors.

You may want to put up ads on your website as well, but it is important that you do not flood your website’s front page with advertisements. In addition, make sure that you strategically position any ads you use so that customers don’t think of them as a marketing ploy.


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