The Risks of Not Having Proper Cyber Security Protection


When you use a computer to store any type of sensitive information, you have to ensure that you have some type of protection in place to be sure that information stays safe. The minute you connect to the internet, your computer become vulnerable. It is only when you realize the risks of not have proper cyber security that you can really understand why you need advanced threat protection. Here’s a look at some of the risks that come with not protecting your information.


Malvertising is fake ads that contain coding designed to infect your computer. If you click on an ad that is affected, it will then affect your computer. It is difficult to stop because the websites where the malvertising is placed may never be aware of them.

Password Attacks

This is where someone tries to access your password protected accounts by figuring out your passwords. It doesn’t even have to involve any high-tech methods either. It could simply be someone on a website entering different passwords until they figure it out. Software may be used, too, though. However, you generally have no contact with the person doing it and don’t initiate the attack.


Malware is any type of threat, such as viruses or worms, that involves coding to steal data or do damage to a computer. Malware is most often downloaded in a corrupted file through email or a software download.

Drive-By Downloads

These are downloads made to your computer without you having to take any specific action to initiate the download. The trigger to start the download occurs when you visit an infected site.

DOS Attack

DOS means denial of service and prevents connecting to a network. Basically, this is when a hacker sends a bunch of traffic to your site to make it crash so that others can no longer access it.


You have likely heard of phishing because it is very popular. This scam involves a fake company posing as a real one to get access to your information. For example, a phishing scam could involve a fake company sending you an email that looks like it legitimately came from your bank. The email asks for you to click a link and log into your account because there is some type of problem. When you do this, you actually go to a fake site and hand over your information to the scammers.

Stopping Threats

Many of these threats are conducted in such a way that you never even will know you are being scammed. The best way to protect your information is to use advanced threat protection. You should also undergo a threat analysis just to help you become more aware of where you are vulnerable. Knowing your risks and having a security system in place will enable you to build an overall computer system that is secure.

Cyber threats aren’t going away. In fact, they are becoming more advanced and more difficult to detect. It is only through advanced threat protection that you can really keep your computer system safe and protect your business and customer information.


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