The WeatherBug App: An Essential Weather Tool For Android & iOS Smartphones!


Earlier, people used to watch TV news to know the weather report. The situations now have changed because you get weather forecast reports on your Smartphones itself. With Smartphones, you get accurate weather reports and predictions on your fingertips.

Weather app plays an important part in your daily routine. Not only daily routine but also it will help you to plan a trip for weekends. You may download the WeatherBug app for free from the app store. The application is compatible with all kinds of Android, Windows and iOS phones.

Importance of having the WeatherBug App

Many of us might have faced unexpected weather condition. Bad weather creates several difficulties. Therefore, it is important to have a good weather app on your phone. The app will alert you about the bad weather condition. You Smartphone should be access to 3G or 4G network to get connected to the application.

The biggest advantage of using this app is it gives you accurate forecast for the location you are staying. Customized options are also available for Android phones and tablets. An up-to-date forecast is needed for planning and safety.

Features of WeatherBug

Weather Bug is the only application that provides minute by minute information about the climatic condition in your city and other cities of the world. They keep users alert about bad weather condition, storm, lightning, and heavy rainfall. Millions of people use Weather Bug on their devices.

Their information is used by government sectors, professional sports team, and emergency response crew and schools to safeguard the lives of people.


  • Spark – The New Feature


The new spark lightning strike feature is available for Android and iPhone. It will show how far the lightning is from your current location. It is the first only application that provides lightning strike updates. The feature helps users to stay safe from dangerous lightning strikes. Spark available for iPhone gives information based on your device GPS location. To check for lightning in iPhone, you have to zoom in on the radar map and hold the exact place to get information about the alert.


  • Severe Weather Alert


This app will send you notification related to severe weather conditions like hurricane, earthquake, storm, and extreme temperature. It is the only app that provides pollen forecast, and the feature will benefit people who suffer from allergic reactions to pollen. The cloud coverage information will allow you to know whether it is going to be a sunny day or a cloudy one.


  • Actual Temperature Information


The app informs you about the actual temperature in the city you live. Apart from that, it also provides the real feel. Several factors are considered to show you how the weather feels. They consider things like humidity, cloud cover, and sun intensity. This will help you to get an accurate idea of the temperature outside.

The Weather Bug app is an essential weather tool for both Android and iOS Smartphones. You can download the free application from the app store and see what weather condition is in Real Time. This application doesn’t require an account, log in and use the app now!


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