Things Everyone Should Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone


Thinking of buying a new smartphone? So many options are available to you that it can become quite a struggle to find one that suits your requirements perfectly.

Here are a few things that you should consider to narrow down your options and pick up a device that best suits your requirements:

  • The budget: It does not matter if you are looking for a low, mid or high range phone; make sure you stay within your budget. One way of saving on smartphones is to purchase the previous model instead of the current one to enjoy almost all the same features at a lower price.
  • The screen type and size: Choose the size as per your preference and it is always a better option to buy an LED screen as it consumes lesser power even with large sized screens. The devices with LED screens are also thinner than the ones with LCD screens.
  • Battery capacity: The better the battery capacity, the more battery life you get. There are some simple ways to look for great battery life. For instance, if it is a 2G device, the battery life should be 12 hours at least.
  • Contract or no contract: While contract deals seem very appealing, they come with heavy taxes that make you spend more eventually. Instead, a great prepaid plan can help you save quite a bit over the year.
  • The type of keyboard: Although smartphones with keyboards are thicker, they are perfect for those who use the device to send emails. The best option is a QWERTY type keyboard that allows faster typing.
  • Network type: Most users prefer the GSM network band. It accounts for 80% of usage. The other 20% uses the CDMA network band. When you are buying a smartphone, make sure that it is compatible with both types, especially if you frequently travel.
  • Durability: To make sure that the device that you want to buy is durable, you can look for drop tests conducted on them. There are several videos available online. This will help you make a choice when you compare mobile phones online.
  • Camera: Picture quality is the most important feature with smartphones today. Most buyers make the mistake of relying only on mega pixels. The better way to choose a camera that is good for you is to check out images that have been shot on the smartphone and uploaded online.
  • Specific Absorption rate: This determines the radioactivity level of the device. This shows how fast the radio frequency electromagnetic field emitted by the phone is absorbed by the body. Make sure that it does not exceed 1.6-2W/ kg per 10 grams of tissue. This makes the device completely for you safe to use.
  • Check out the mobile phones comparison and deals online on to find the best value for the money that you spend. You can compare all the features mentioned above in minutes and make the perfect choice to suit all your requirements.


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