Trista Castillo, the young vlogger

Trista Castillo

Vlogging, the art of capturing beauties

This world has enormous beauty and adventure to share. If you know how to hold your camera and click the perfect moments then there is no need to worry about the age. It is the creativity that will make the difference. From cooking in the kitchen to teaching a lesson everything can is transformed into a captivating experience through the lens of the camera. Either you make a collection of the still photographs or create a video with your camera, the world can enjoy them. Your creativity needs to be explored by the world. The Internet has made the task easier by offering great platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Instagram, FaceBook, WordPress and much more. There is one thing to remember that these visual creations known as Vlogs only need a perfect Vlogger camera and creativity. There is nothing like the age factor involved in it. It can be done by anyone regardless of country, race, gender and above all age. The example is set by the renowned Vlogger Trista Castillo who has proved her skills at a very young age.

The young Vlogger on YouTube

Trista’s journey of Vlogging begins with her love for the camera. She was an electronic media junior, but she had a love for nature, style, and colors. She admired the shades of life. Movements made her more passionate. Her creativity and love for art made her a great Vlogger. She started her venture on YouTube and today she enjoys fame and pride with a huge list of fans following her on YouTube. She has reached the limits of 60,000 subscribers. For her, this is just the beginning of her success story. She has to go far than this.

The story of success

Castillo’s love for the camera was born with her. She was always trying to capture the extraordinary moments of her life. In her early school days, she could not stop herself from carrying the camera, clicking and then showing the world her creations. As she entered the college she had to put check on her passion due to the tough routine. This separation from the video making camera was for a short while. She considers this separation as the darkest time in her life. When she felt she was done with her academics she again started looking towards her camera. This time it was really different. She wanted to prove her worth to the world. This sense of achievement pushed her towards making the Vlog channel on YouTube and start showing the world that SHE CAN.

The Fit Tea Vlog and her new Vlogging camera

Castillo was the creative mind behind the Vlog related to the Fit Tea. Her Vlogging skills were proved through the well-explained pros and cons of the tea. It took little time until she won the fame of being a great Vlogger. The positive reviews through 3,000 views earned her enough fame. She was given a Vlogging camera as a gift from her grandmother. With this new Vlogging tool, she appeared on the YouTube with amazing Vlogs on fashion and style.


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