Types of identity theft


You have only one identity, which you have to protect and ensure that no one steals it. Identity theft is in a number of ways. You have to be vigilant on who has your personal data and to what extent they can use or keep it. LifeLock brings you good news that we can cover you from identity theft and ensure that your identity is always safe. Our team of advocates ensures that you are covered in that we not only alert you about any case or suspicion of identity theft, but work to fix even the trickiest cases. Talk to us today for all your identity recovery and theft protection needs.

Financial identity theft

This form of identity theft is the most common and most dreaded. Identity theft does not only imply credit card fraud. Malicious people can use credit cards stolen from others, to buy goods or pay for their services. It can have adverse effects if not detected in good time. Similar cases also involve back account numbers and other sets of financial information and wipe out all your funds.

Medical identity theft

It is also a common type of identity theft according to LifeLock reviews. It occurs when other people use your health insurance. Malicious persons can use it themselves or sell it to others to get healthcare services. It is a dangerous affair because it might lead to an addition of medical complications that you do not even have. Since healthcare involves strict privacy laws, it is not easy to recover from such a form of ID theft.

Child identity theft

It might not be a common type, but it affects families. The criminal will use a child’s social security number to claim benefits and payments from the government. It equally requires proper identity theft protection because it ruins the credit ratings of many young ones later in life.

Social security

There is a lot of personal and financial information contained in your SS Number. A malicious person can access your work history as well as taxes, loans, credit cards, government benefits and other confidential data.

Identity theft of your driver’s license

A thief can use your driver’s license either by altering the picture attached, or the information recorded in the license. They can sell the license to anyone with matching details. If they commit any traffic offense, note that the crime will go under your records and not theirs.

Criminal cases

Imagine that a thief steals your identity and commit crimes undercover. You could end up arrested or cited for crimes you know nothing about.


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