Vidmate: User’s opinions and reviews


Is Vidmate a good app to use?

Most users of this application are quite satisfied with its features. Vidmate allows them to download their favourite shows and movies on their devices which they can then watch offline at any time of the day. The application has quite user-friendly interface and videos can easily be searched by categories. The high-speed download of the application has also received a high appraisal from all its users, and it is known to be the best among its competitors when it comes to fast downloads.

Further, Vidmate allows one to download even videos and songs shared on Instagram and Facebook which makes its users happy and satisfied with the application.

Is Vidmate a harmful app for the device?

It is said that Vidmate is a Chinese app that was created by Alibaba group ofthe company- the same company that developed the UC browser that was removed from the Google Play store for its unethical data sharing. Thus, many users of this application hold the speculation that the developers of this app are constantly monitoring its users to gain insight into what products people are attracted to. And when users are logged in to their Facebook or Instagram accounts, these developers gain their passwords and install malware like ransom virus attacking programs.

The constant pop-ups that redirect you to a new website every time also lead many users to believe that the application is not entirely safe to use. Some also proclaimed that Vidmate is a background running app and that it runs all day even when you are not using theapplication. This statement agrees with some other users that hadreported that their phone battery dramatically started getting drained when they used the app and it effectively increased as soon as they uninstalled the application.

What are some precautionary measures that Vidmate users can use to maintain their privacy?

As with any newly downloaded application, Vidmate also asks for permission for access to contacts and other personal information. Users should decline all such requests to maintain their privacy. They should also avoid logging into their social media accounts when they are using this app to avoid the possibility of anyone phishing their passwords.

When it comes to Vidmate running as a background app all the time, the problem can easily be solved by going to Apps Settings> running service> stop service, when you are not using the application. This will prevent your phone from heating too much, and your battery would effectively not be affected.

So, to conclude, yes, there are some speculations regarding the safety of this application, but with some precautionary steps, one can easily use this app without worrying about their personal information. It is due to its amazing features that outweigh the cons that it remains to be the best among its competitors when it comes to the speed at which it downloads files and the variety of multi-media sites that we can download these files from.


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