What different features is Motorola coming up with its upcoming mobile in India: Moto G5 Plus?


When a company sets to launch a device in the market, there is a lot more than just the user needs it has to keep in mind. Although need is the most important factor driving a consumer to buy products, there are several other aspects as well, the key one being the price. If you have gone through Moto G5 Plus price in India, you would know why this should be the device you should buy. It is not only a product that is affordable, but also the one that can offer you with features that you always get in high end mobiles. Motorola had long been offering users with the most impressive of mobile devices and features at a price that was affordable, with this model they have taken up the competition one notch ahead. Given below are the areas where Moto G5 Plus surprises all its consumers.

Metal Body – Moto G5 Plus price in India is not very high, keeping in mind the fact that this is the first device from the Moto G series to have a body that is made up entirely of metal. The earlier devices which were a part of the Moto G series had a look that was very similar. This was changed a little when the fourth generation Moto G was launched, but Moto G5 Plus is what has been the first device from the series to provide users with an all metal body. This gives the device a look which is similar to the Motorola Z series. Moto G5 Plus is nothing like what you have been getting in the Moto G series till now. Moto G5 Plus price in India is thus one of the best deals you are being offered.

Free Buyback Scheme – Buying the device from flipkart will be all the more beneficial to you, as the site is offering its users a buyback scheme. This scheme includes an additional discount offer. Meaning, if you buy the Moto G5 Plus through the ecommerce portal, and update another mobile to a Motorola device, you will be provided with an additional discount of Rs 7000. This makes Moto G5 Plus price in India all the more attractive and better than what we are being provided otherwise.

Google Assistant – Will you believe it if we tell you that Moto G5 Plus price in India is offering you a Google assistant? This phone is being considered as the miniature version of Google Pixel, as it was the first phone to provide the users with Google assistant. Google pixel was certainly not the device that could be afforded by many, but this is surely one that can be opted by a greater number of users. The virtual assistant that is offered by this device is efficient and reliable, by using this device, you can thus get yourself to make use of the features that have till now been limited to only the best, and the most expensive of mobile phones.

Software and Built Quality – With Moto G5 Plus price in India, you not only get to make use of the latest Android software, but also experience in it a few tweaks that have been given by Motorola itself. The built quality of the device is another factor that has been enticing customers. It is not only built in a way that makes it look royal but also provides you features like finger print sensor, which although common, is still offered by limited brands. In addition to this, Moto G5 Plus provides you with 2 sim slots, along with an additional slot for SD card. This is a feature that has till now not been provided by any other phone.

Verdict – There is no dearth of latest mobiles in the market, you can come across a new mobile launch almost every month, from one brand or another, but this does not mean all of them will be reliable. Along with offering you all the basic features, there is a lot of extra that this device can provide you with, this includes Google assistant, extra slot for SD card, as well as turbo charging. The turbo charging feature will allow you to charge the device for battery up to six hours, in only 15 minutes.


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