What is PPC? A Beginner’s Introduction to Pay-per-Click Marketing


People who are new to digital marketing may not have heard of the word pay-per-click, however, this is a common online advertisement platform provided by Google and known to Singapore SEO companies.

The Use of PPC has revolutionized the way online businesses and advertisement are run as with PPC adverts, companies and businesses only pay for the conversions, therefore, reducing the overall cost spent on advertisement.

As a beginner, here are some of the things you need to know about the trending and buzzing best services for search optimization formula.

PPC – Pay only when someone clicks

Traditional marketing involves payment for advert spaces without a means to properly monitor the advertisement to know whether or not it has impacted the business positively or otherwise, however, with the use of PPC, businesses are guaranteed an adequate and detailed data of their adverts and conversion rates. Additionally, Google AdWords, a platform for the pay-per-click advertisement only charges companies and businesses when successful conversions have been made through created adverts, therefore, allowing businesses to save more money on online advertisement.

The Advantages of PPC

The PPC internet advertisement platform offers a wide range of advantages over the traditional advertisement platforms as it does away with the exorbitant prices charged for adverts without a way to note whether or not your business is benefiting for the ads paid for.

For PPC marketing and adverts, there is no minimum amount to bid for advertisement as persons can make small commitments of $10 to kickstart the process and move up to as much as $1000 or more depending on the success rates recorded. Perhaps the greatest advantage offered over the traditional ads is the billing system as businesses and individuals only pay advert rates when someone clicks on your ad. The amount which is however charged per visitor on your website which is directed via the ads created is called the cost per click (CPC).

Another advantage presented by the use of PPC services as offered by Google to Singapore digital marketing agency is the unbridled and unlimited access to data. Traditional advertising has a major flaw of not allowing persons and businesses keep up with the impacts of the adverts on the business and as such, companies who launch more than two adverts are forced to keep both adverts running because they have no data to identify which ad is performing the trick. With PPC, Singapore SEO agencies can better monitor data to be sure of which target keywords and campaigns to keep while modifying others to meet standards.

Google AdWords provides business owners and Singapore SEO agencies with the needed data to study conversion rates, the specific keywords which are related to their businesses that are being searched for and other metrics which are important in fine-tuning the adverts and making them a better one.

At the initial setup, Google AdWords will be able to tell businesses whether the click generated led to conversion or not. This is also a powerful tool which Singapore SEO agencies have found useful in better building brands.


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