Why DTH is the best way to watch TV


Why suffer with a cable connection when you easily get HD TV? From DTH recharge to choosing your monthly pack, DTH gives you a lot of freedom.

You might have a cable connection for your home TV at the moment. You might even be happy with it. At this juncture, if somebody suggests that you should get a DTH connection, you might reasonably wonder if you really need it.

Here’s a comparison between the cable and DTH to make things clearer:

Picture clarity: DTH has a different transmission mode than cable, which uses analog signals. DTH transmits ‘data packets’ which make the picture denser and more vibrant. Thus, you get clearer picture quality and better sound output with DTH.

Price: Cable TV is inexpensive as compared to DTH, since the costs of set top box, remote control and installation are normally lower than those for DTH. However, leading DTH providers like Airtel have narrowed this price gap, while also providingfree DTH installation.

Variety of channels: Cable TV operators will give you a full package of up to 200 channels, comprising a mix of genres. You cannot choose the channels, while also paying for certain channels. As regards to DTH, you can choose from between different packs and add/modify the pack as per your requirement. Thus, DTH offers you a customised viewing experience.

Monthly payment: The cable TV operator will charge you a flat payment per month, while you have to do a DTH recharge with your operator once the pack is over. The DTH recharge depends on the pack you choose, and it may vary if you change the pack at a later date.

How to get the best DTH connection for your home

Not only does a DTH connection enhance your viewing experience, it also becomes a cost effective option for you. You can choose what you wish to view, and the DTH recharge is done digitally in a matter of a few seconds.

Here’s how you can get a new Airtel DTH connection:

  • Go to the Airtel website and apply for a new connection – this initiates the purchase process. Enter the details asked on the page: Your name, Mobile number, State of Residence.
  • Airtel calls you to explain the most suitable plans, telling you about the pack price and whether any special offers are on at the moment.
  • The company then sends a technician to install the DTH dish, set up the system, explain how to access the channels, etc. Once the DTH is installed, you can start using it right away.
  • The pack you choose has a validity for a certain number of days, usually a month. At the end of the validity period, you must do the DTH recharge. When you buy the Airtel DTH connection, the DTH recharge can take place in mere seconds using the myAirtel app.

There’s a lot of quality TV programming that you’re missing out on – get a DTH connection and don’t miss a thing!


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