Wix.com review-The amazing website builder

Wix Website

Wix.com is a website builder that has gained immense popularity and acceptance by many website designers all around the globe. With an incredible 100 million websites hosted by Wix, it obviously ranks among the biggest web building platforms.

However, if you are a newbie to Wix and want to update your knowledge, this piece will help you to achieve that much as I will discuss the major features and reasons for getting started with Wix.

Features of Wix

Wix has some amazing features that increase its appeal. Some of its features include:

  • Impressive layouts: When you start considering how to build a website, don’t underestimate the value of a beautiful template. The layout of a website will go a long way in determining how impressive the user interface will be. When it comes to this factor, Wix has a collection of amazing layouts to choose from.
  • Good for small businesses: If you need a good website for your small businesses such as online stores, restaurants, photography website, and the likes, Wix provides you the platform to create a website that will accommodate the size of your business. That is one of the most important benefits of its impressive layouts. They seem to be specifically designed for small businesses.
  • Optimized for mobile devices: According to statista.com, the number of mobile device users this year has reached some 4.77 billion people. That figure is expected to exceed 5 billion users in 2019. The higher percentage of these users view different websites on their mobile devices compared to viewers from personal computers. Therefore, for a website to gain more visitors, the website must be responsive and optimized for mobile devices. The good news is that Wix has made provision for this by default. Websites that are built on this site are responsive. Users can also choose and download an app from the Wix App Market.
  • Free: You can use the platform for free if you desire. You will have access to the basic features and tools to build a great website. However, if you want some professional features such as priority support and a domain name, you may have to choose a paid plan. Wix has five premium plans to choose from. Visit the official website of the website builder for a comprehensive understanding of the available plans.
  • Free hosting: To help you cut down on your expenses, Wix offers free hosting services to its growing list of clients. If you build your website on the platform, rest assured of getting free hosting as a part of their services.
  • Wix App Market: You may wish to extend the functionalities of your website by adding some extra functions such as newsletters, live support, contests, web services, testimonials, and reservation tools, Wix makes this possible as these functionalities are available in the Wix App Market.

Wix Features

Pros of Wix website builder

Apart from an amazing list of features, there are some additional factors to consider for why you should choose Wix. Listed below are some strengths that have contributed to its growing reputation as one of the best website builders:

  1. It is easy to use: Unlike other website builders that are very complex and need series of tutorials to understand, Wix is very easy to use. As a proof of its simplicity, you don’t need any coding experience to build a website on Wix. You should try that out in order to understand how easy the platform is.
  2. You can upload audios to your site: If you have the need to incorporate audio into your website, rest assured that Wix has an impressive collection of audio players to choose from. The site contains about 30 audio players so that you can always find the audio player of your choice.
  3. Sharp images: Visitors to a site will be put off if the images on the site are blurry. Nobody wants to take the risk of struggling with dull images when there are other sites with images that boast of an amazing image quality. Wix has made provision for it by making images on any website developed on Wix to be sharp and crisp, even on retina devices such as MacBooks and iPhones.
  4. Managing your online store is easy: If you have an online store created on Wix, managing the store is without stress. This is because the platform has some Android and iOS apps that are designed to help you manage your store, communicate with your clients, as well as manage your business blog.
  5. Customizing your design is easy: Although there are free templates, Wix allows you to customize your design easily. You can work on the template and redesign it to suit your need. Its drag-and-drop feature makes this possible.

Any person that is starting a website can easily find the right template to get started with, and then can further customize their site with the extensive App-market. Overall, if you are looking for a website builder that is reliable, easy to use and filled with great features – then check out Wix.


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